Have several Echo devices at home and set them all off when you talk to one? Or, would you prefer to feel like you’re a member of Star Trek’s Starfleet chatting with Computer? Here’s a handy guide to help you change the name on your Amazon Alexa smart assistant.

By default, your device wake word will be Alexa. That doesn’t mean that you have to call yours Alexa, it’s super easy to change the wake word in just a few steps. You have two options to do this, you can change it either through the Alexa app or by voice command. We guide you through both options.

On your Alexa App:

1. To get started: Open the Alexa app on your phone

Alexa app Home screen

2. Tap menu button (hamburger icon) on the top-left of the page > Choose Settings

3. Tap on Device Settings

4. Scroll through the All Devices menu to review your devices and choose the Echo that you want to modify

5. Once selected, scroll down and tap on Wake Word.

6. In the Wake Word section, select your wake word. You’ll be able to choose from: Alexa, Amazon, Echo, or Computer.

You will see a light blue checkmark by the wake word you’ve selected. It might take a few seconds to a few minutes to update.
Scotty: Hello Computer!
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) 

By voice command:

You can also change your Echo device’s name by simply asking “Alexa, can you change your name?” or “Alexa, can you change your wake word?” Alexa will respond by saying, “I can help you change the wake word for this device, would you like to do that now?” She will then give you the different name options you can call her, and then will prompt you to choose one of the options.

Once you’ve picked the wake word of your choice, your selected device will respond to that instead of Alexa. If you’re a diehard fan of Star Trek, like our team, consider picking Computer so you can say “Hello computer” to wake up your Echo device.

It’s as simple as that. Feel free to repeat these steps to switch up the names on the rest of your Echo devices.

Note: We’re aware that many of our members have Google Assistants/Google Nest devices. Unfortunately, Google does not allow to change wake words on their devices at the moment. You can, however, vary the prompt between “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”.


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