The light ring is how your Echo device visually communicates its status to you.

Oftentimes the light ring on your Echo device changes color, and you’re left wondering, what does that mean? Fret no more! We’ve created a handy guide to understand the color flashes of your Echo devices.

Lights off

More often than not, your Echo device’s lights are off. This does not mean that the device itself is off, but rather that it is on “standby” waiting to hear from you.


Solid blue with spinning cyan lights indicates that the device is starting up.
Solid blue with cyan pointing shows that Alexa is busy processing your request.

Pro Tip: The section in cyan lights in direction of person speaking. It’s as if Alexa were looking in your direction.

Alternating solid blue and cyan means that the device is responding.

Violet and Purple

Continuous pulsing violet light: Indicates that an error occurred during Wi-Fi setup.

Troubleshooting tip from Amazon: Your Echo Device Doesn’t Connect to Wi-Fi.

Single flash of purple light: If you attempt to interact with your Echo device and it flashes a purple light, it means that Do Not Disturb is enabled.

Pro Tip: To set up Do Not Disturb > Open Alexa App > Select Devices icon > Select your device > Select Do Not Disturb. To Schedule Do Not Disturb > use the toggle to turn it Do Not Disturb on >Use the toggle to enable Scheduled >Tap Start and End to select the times. Follow the same steps to turn it off.


Orange light spinning clockwise: Lets you know that the device is connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Pro Tip: If it’s been doing this for a while, check your Alexa app to see if you need to re-enter your password.


Solid red light: When the ring turns red, it shows that the microphones on your device have been turned off. To turn back on, simply press the microphone button on top.
Image result for echo red light"


Pulsing yellow light notifiesthat Alexa has a message or notification is waiting for you. To listen, just say, “Play my messages” or “What are my notifications?” and Alexa will relay the message.


Pulsing green light indicates that you are receiving a call. Or, someone is Dropping In on your device.

Green light spinning counterclockwise shows that you are either on an active call or are on an active Drop In on your device.


White light goes on when you are adjusting the volume.

Continuous spinning white light indicates that Alexa Guard is on Away Mode.

Pro Tip: To set up Alexa Guard, open you Alexa app > Settings menu (the hamburger menu)> Guard Set Up Guard (the app will guide you through the various options, if you’re a first time user)

Now you’ll know the meaning of the color and cadence of each light when it flashes on your Echo.

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